ONE GIRL ONE PAD CAMPAIGN by Mariam Kamara at the BSS2 (Demo)

ONE GIRL ONE PAD CAMPAIGN by Mariam Kamara at the BSS2
Mariam Kamara who is one of the youngest and aspiring women for the Big Sister Season 2 (BSS2) with the code 040 came up with the bid ‘ONE GIRL ONE PAD’ CAMPIAGN which simply means to give a girl child one sanitary pad especially those who cannot afford it and educate them on menstrual period so she can coverup her shame.
Her Key Findings About The Girl Child
88% of girl child in Sierra Leone has no regular access to menstruation products at school and the majority of them do not have access to sanitary pad any at home.

8 out of 10 girl child do not know what menstruation was when they experience their first period.
1 out of 3 girl child miss on average 3-4 school days per month for menstrual pain or lack of sanitary pad.
At 11years is the average age a girl first period and at 13 year is an average age a girl learn about menstruation
So she gave Menstrual Hygiene Tips for a girl child
1. Try to used cotton sanitary pads
2. Wear comfortable clean under wear
3. Use the right washing techniques
4. Change your sanitary wear frequently
5. Clean reusable sanitary wear properly
6. Keep your virginal area aways clean
7. Discard used sanitary products properly
8. For menstrual disorders see a gynaecologist
However, with her findings she taught it wise that such campaign is highly needed especially now that she is in the Big Sister Season 2 (BSS2) house. So she is pleading to all, for the sake of God to support her in this campaign to aid the girl child and teach them about menstruation.
Your Cash Donations will Help to do
1. Menstrual Hygiene Management
2. Provision of emergency sanitary pad or napkins.
3. Operation and management
4. Related  with school girls
5. Safe disposal of menstrual absorbance
6. Sustain supply of soap and water
7. School wash facilities
8. Assured clean wash facilities
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