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A call for a global recognition for Sierra Leonean artists.

Sierra Leone Association of Artists and Musicians is a professional trade organization Registered as a 501c3 nonprofit corporation with an extraordinary vision – The Sierra Leone Association of Artists and Musicians (SLAAM). SLAAM seeks to empower Sierra Leonean musicians and artists on a global level to make their mark in the competitive USA music industry and gain the recognition they deserve as leading artists in the global entertainment industry.

While it is true that Sierra Leone has indeed spurned a lot of exceptional and gifted artists in the past, but as an association we can lay the groundwork to make inroads into the US or global entertainment industry, collectively as a group we have both the potential and the ability to be amongst the best in the world. SLAAM was conceived for those of us who sincerely believe that Sierra Leonean artists deserve a lot more global recognition than what we are currently experiencing and want an opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded individuals to make this happen. SLAAM will bring together all in our industry, whether artists, labels, performing arts, radio stations, promoters, producers, broadcasting services, print media, event planners, agents, publishers, etc. under a united and powerful initiative – to make a break into the USA musical industry.

We will collectively leverage our talents, resources and ideas to organize and build the infrastructure necessary for all to achieve success both creatively and financially on a much bigger scale.

In short SLAAM is a forum for the advocacy of Sierra Leonean music and artistic talent in the USA and will aggressively support the creative and economic viability of Sierra Leonean professionals in the entertainment field to not just succeed in Sierra Leone or within the Sierra Leonean Diaspora but to succeed in the mainstream USA music industry and ultimately experience a long deserved global recognition.

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SLAAM – A call for a global recognition for Sierra Leonean artists.