Love Corner – Sierra Leone Celebrity Weddings (Sia Prosper Komba) (Demo)

Love Corner – Sierra Leone Celebrity Weddings (Sia Prosper Komba)

SLAAM Media took the time to catch up with cultural gospel guru Sia  Prosper Komba as she tied the knot with her true love and manager Ibrahim Ben Jalloh. This took place in December 2019 and was one of the love stories that captured the eye of Sierra Leone Entertainment. A union that is another inspiration to the industry as we know it. In 2019 Sia won the SLAAM Best cultural gospel award, and has continued to produce hit after hit.

Click here to watch YATA TANDO (It’s good to praise the Lord)  Office Music Video 

Click here to watch BENATUAKA (Ar Nor Go lef So) Office Music Video

When questioned about husband Minister Sia explained how after being in the music industry for 15 years, when they met she was with the grp Lambless (late father bless and Lambert. Their meeting took her into gospel music with her first gospel album launched in June 2018.

SLAAM asked what to expect from Minister Sia – She responded. “Talking about what people expect from me in the future, to start with, I want to continue to be humble and maintain a deeper relationship with God and allow God to work through me while working on my second album which I believe will bring people to Christ and bless more souls and propel me to the international scene”.

She expressed that the gift of singing is not for the glory of man but for God’s glory to be known every where.

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