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Mr Al-Hassan Hafiz Bakarr Sr aka (Mr. Hafiz) is an American Business man and Entrepreneur, he made his way to the United States of America at the age of 9 in 1986. He is currently residing in Boston Massachusetts where he and his team are running his Tech company, Techfrica and resides there with his family.

In 1998 he started one of the first media and marketing company called Mama Africa Productions. Out of the company he established an African night life called Club Afrik in the same year and an a media company called African Radio in 2005 and became one of the few to have an African Radio program on an fm radio station.

In 2006 he went online and started one of the first online media and radio companies for Africans called African Radio Online.

Throughout the years he has developed branded companies to market, promote and support the Sierra Leone, African and African Diaspora communities.

Some of his works and brands are African Radio Online, African Radio Salone, Voicekast, africasface and most recently audiofrica which is a music and entertainment platform Platform and App.

With his Tech company Techfrica he has created an App Development company which will create apps for the company and other companies.

Him and his team will be launching several of his new apps soon, which will be for videos, ridesharing, films etc. to name a few.

He has launched in Sierra Leone in 2017 and currently has 3 offices with staff.

“My goal has always been to give us a voice, a face and a place to showcase, push and enhance ourselves” says Mr Hafiz.

He states ” I can recall maybe around 6 or 7 trying to give electricity to my as the house we were staying im did not have lights and i was not happy with us being in the dark so i took electrical wires, a battery and lightbulb and tried but was not successful, but at that moment i knew i wanted change for the better for my people and country.

Around the age of 13 he started realizing there were not many people in the media that looked like him and him seeing his African culture being showcased. This was the day that I decided that I would change this and create platforms to showcase his culture.

In 1998 while in university he use to work with a Caribbean Dj known as King Ilabash that did Club promotions for hip hop and Caribbean music, and doing this he realise that there were not many clubs for African Night Life.

Around this time he started his first company called Mama Africa Productions, For The People, The Music, The Culture & The Future. With this he started one of the first African Clubs in his area called Club Mama Africa with his cousins Dj Charlie B, Abu Coomber and and other friends.

In 2002 he rebranded the Club Night to bring in international feel to it and now called the Club Night, Club Afrik.

The night was successful, he promoted many African artists and there music, gave Africans in Boston an entertainment nightlife and the African Culture was blossoming.

In 2005 While doing this he realise there was no media promoting African Culture so he created African Radio a media company to promote African Music and in 2006 became one of the very first to bring African music on the internet as African Radio Online at and was later able to established a relationship with a local fm radio station and brought African Radio and African music on Air.

In 2007 he ventured into Mobile Telecommunications and became one of the first Africans to Franchise a Major Telecommunication brand and was able to employ local African teens in his community to work with him.

In 2010 he decided to create the first African Social media to rival Facebook called africasface, at the same time he decided to rebrand African Radio and franchise it in different countries.

His first was African Radio UK, then African Radio Nigeria and fkr his home country African Radio Salone where he partnered with Mr. Hassan Iftoni and he brought in Mr Edward Kargbo and he brought in Mr Ken Lowe, Fatmata, Dj Chris and Many others.

Mr Hafiz was the very first to play and promote Sierra Leone music in the US and on a local fm station, with this he was the first to premiere and promote Emmersons first album , promote Jungle leaders, Jimmy B, P Square and many others.

In 2012 he started one of the first online live video streaming called VoiceKast and partnered with a friend Mr Cameron Hairston who invested in the business. With VoiceKast him and his team were able to broadcast SLBC Live for the world to see.

In 2014 he decided to start a mobile technology company developing mobile Apps to get Africans working with Apps called Appsfrica. Him and his team started working on his first App called audiofrica which is a music and entertainment platform App and Platform for African Music and to give artists a place to sell promote and market themselves and there music.

In 2015 he started Techfrica to bring Technology to Africans and Africa. His plan is to use Techfrica to create mobile Apps, Solar Technogly and many others opportunity to help the betterment of Africa.

In 2017 him and his team launched audiofrica in Boston Massachusetts to a crowd over 200 people attended to support, in 2018 they launched in Sierra Leone West Africa and looking to launch in all African countries and Caribbean Islands.

In 2018 he and his team have created many more Apps like vidsfrica a video sharing app, ridefrica a ride sharing app, supfrica a messenger app, filmfrica a film platform and many others on its way.

They are launching there 2 corporate office in July 2019 under Techfrica and plan to hire many youths and graduates in the country.

Mr Hafiz currently resides in Boston Massachusetts with his wife and children while running the business there.