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joining slaam?

The goal of SLAAM is to bring together all in our industry, whether artists, labels, performing arts, radio stations, promoters, producers, broadcasting services, Filmmakers, print media, event planners, agents, publishers, etc. under a united and powerful initiative – to make a break into the USA musical industry. We will collectively leverage our talents, resources and ideas to organize and build the infrastructure necessary for all to achieve success both creatively and financially on a much bigger scale.

You are invited to become a member of SLAAM and play a part right in the early stages of this visionary move to empower Sierra Leone artists and musicians to take on the ultimate challenge and become a leading force in the global entertainment industry. The membership fee has previously been set at $100 one time-registration fee and $20 monthly membership fee


Membership Benefits

The Sierra Leone Association of Artists and Musicians SLAAM is pleased to announce to everyone in the Sierra Leone entertainment Industry the following updated benefits that SLAAM has to offer all registered and paid up members.

Non-refundable registration fee is $100 and Membership is at the cost of $20 per month at an annual fee of $120. A full onetime payment for membership can be made at a $100 discount.

You will receive multiple benefits which will increase as the organization grows. SLAAM will continue to seek partners to provide the best possible discount to SLAAM members. To-date the following discounts have been negotiated for SLAAM paid up members:


Electronic Press Kit to be posted on SLAAM website
Promotion of Artist event among fellow artists and SLAAM database Press release of 4000-5000 contacts and growing- inclusive of multiple media outlets.
Web presence (through SLAAM and a link to artists personal website)
Collaborative calendar to ensure that musicians have a central location to check on other musician show dates before booking their events
One Complimentary Management Consulting session to guide musicians and ensure that they are able to meet the standard baseline established by the association provided by Shenge Consulting:
Registered and paid members will receive increased airplay and special recognition as SLAAM members with SLMTV –
Registered and paid members will receive increased airplay and special recognition as SLAAM members with African Radio Online –
Registered and paid members will receive increased airplay and special recognition as SLAAM members with
Exclusive coverage by Splash Radi, NJ – FM 94.3
Be a part of multiple industry partnerships and distribution agreements that SLAAM is a part of.
Industry professionals such as DJ’s, Radio Stations, Promoters, Fine Art, Movie Producers etc, receive exclusive vendor referrals, coverage, and promotion through SLAAM website and networking partnerships.
SLAAM List – Save 20% on copies or online subscriptions to the Musician’s Directory that includes access to radio lists and promoters ( National and International)
20% discount on showcase submissions to SLAAM Music Conference. Showcase your talents for national and international industries.
10% Discount on any advertising packages with select radio stations
Recording Artists get discounts from selected vendors that register with SLAAM
Network with other artists for shows and functions at SLAAM events.
$5 off SLAAM Honors Award yearly event ticket
Nominating and Voting privileges of executive board

To sign up for membership, please complete the membership form.