DJ Egerton Shabba started his career as a DJ 24 years ago at the then SLBS as a Broadcaster. He was the first DJ to organize East vs West competition for Sierra Leone Artists in the 90s. He traveled to the Gambia after the war and worked in one of Gambia’s most popular radio station, “West coast Radio”

Some of his notable achievements are;

⦁ First Sierra Leonean DJ to introduce Sierra Leone music and made it popular in The Gambia.

⦁ First to travel with Sierra Leone Artists to the Gambia. This likes of Wan Pot Comedians, Kman, Emerson, Vida, Mazul Avec Cbolt, Daddy Saj, Pupa Banja, jungle Leaders and Paradise Family.

⦁ He received couple of awards and recognition from the Government of Gambia and other private sectors, as the Best Sierra Leone DJ and Promoter.

⦁ In 2004, he was the first DJ to travel with Sierra Leonean Artists Internationally to the UK, like Kman and Succulent.

⦁ From 2005 to 2007, He travelled with Emerson and other Sierra Leonean Artists round the world as a DJ and Tour Manger

⦁ For the first time in 2010, he organized a Musical concert for Morgan Heritage in Sierra Leone at the National Stadium.

⦁ He was also the first DJ and Promoter to organize a peace concert in the State of Maryland in 2012 with over 50 Artists performing on stage.

⦁ Quite recently in April, he collaborated with TBS to organize the East vs west musical Competition at the National Stadium in Sierra Leone.

⦁ Currently, he is working with couple of Artists and promoters to help transform the Music Industry.

⦁ He has worked with Legendary Artist like the Late Burny Marke, King Masco, Steady Bongo and Jimmy B.

He has transformed so many lives in the music industry in Sierra Leone and was considered as the most popular and one of the youngest DJ in the 90s.