The goal of SLAAM is to bring together all in our industry, whether artists, labels, performing arts, radio stations, promoters, producers, broadcasting services, Film makers, print media, event planners, agents, publishers, etc. under a united and powerful initiative – to make a break into the USA musical industry. We will collectively leverage our talents, resources and ideas to organize and build the infrastructure necessary for all to achieve success both creatively and financially on a much bigger scale.

You are invited to become a member of SLAAM and play a part right in the early stages of this visionary move to empower Sierra Leone artists and musicians to take on the ultimate challenge and become a leading force in the global entertainment industry. The membership fee has previously been set at $100 one time-registration fee and $20 monthly membership fee  

Med Tutu

Med Tutu is an Actor and Singer/Songwriter he rose to fame with his popular song MARIAMA and is one of the few artists who


Edward Kargbo

Edward Kargbo, commonly kwown as Bizo the Mayor  is a Sierra Leonean Singer/rapper, regional chairman of African Radio Salone, and Radio talk show host of the show