OPEN JUNE 1 —JUNE 15, 2019

Rules for Submission: ​ ALL submissions MUST have a BIO, FACEBOOK PAGE, EMAIL ADDRESS, & TEL NO. No EXCEPTIONS, you MUST submit a sample of your work. All submissions MUST be from work/talent by SIERRA LEONEANS or person born of Sierra Leone parents All parties making nominations for SLAAM must have notified the artists, managers, radio station, personality, media and etc. upon nominations. SLAAM encourages all nominees that submit a nomination, to be aware of the date of the events. MUSIC – submit an MP3 /link to full song with required information FILM – submit full video via google drive/online link/wetransfer ARTWORK – submit link or samples of your work HAIR SALONS - submit pics of location and hairstyles DESIGNERS –your fb page should showcase your work. MOVIES – A movie is categorized as Sierra Leone if the Producer is Sierra Leonean FOREIGN MOVIES - All other movies produced by non Sierra Leoneans. EMAIL: ADMIN@SLAAM.ORG

Sorry! Submissions has ended…