Wendy Bangura

Wendy is a Sierra Leonean Actress and Award Winning Executive Producer of "The Entrapped".

Brash, exciting, unforgettable, and with talent oozing from every pore, actress Wendy Bangura is a rising force in the acting business and is ready to remake the industry in her image. Wendy hails from Sierra Leone, West Africa, and is the youngest daughter of the late Captain Hancils Bangura, a prominent member of Sierra Leone's military. Her mother is of Lebanese and Indian descent, which accounts for Wendy’s unique and striking features. Wendy is also an award-winning producer who has received international acclaim for her film "The Entrapped" in which she had a supporting role.

Wendy was the lead in the recently completed film Koming from Afrika, and had a principal role in the film Twisted Brain, and supporting roles in the films Busted Life and Blood Brothers.

Wendy won the Nollywood Film Critics 2012 for Best Director in Diaspora for The Entrapped; won Best Leading role in Diaspora 2012 The Entrapped; won Golden Icons Academy Award 2012 for Best Cinematography in Diaspora The Entrapped, and won Best Supporting Role in Diaspora The Entrapped; another actress won the Award for Best Supporting for The Entrapped which Wendy produced.

Wendy's vision for The Entrapped was to garner the attention of an international audience by casting film stars from different continents. As executive producer for The Entrapped, she worked tirelessly with director Desmond Elliot to bridge the gap between African movies and Hollywood by bringing an international-all-star cast to the African Film Industry with Nollywood actor/director Desmond Elliot, Hollywood actress Syr Law, Hollywood actor Illya Konstatin, Nollywood actress Susan Peters, Liberian actor Emmanuel Mensah, Nollywood actor Chuck Kendall and Sierra Leonean actor David Vandy.

Wendy was one of the top 10 award receivers by Save Sierra Leone Foundation. In 2013, the World Film Festival nominated her for Best Actress in the DMV for the Movie "Koming From Afrika".

Wendy Bangura was also featured on Trendy Africa Magazine, Examiner, and Infinity International Magazine where she was interviewed about her life and her love for the entertainment industry.

Wendy won her first beauty pageant, at the age of twelve, at Murray Deen Preparatory School in Sierra Leone, West Africa. She has been prominently featured in beauty contests, fashion shows, and live dance. With the support and love from her family, the spirit of her late father Captain Hancils Bangura, her mother Mrs. Bangura, and her sisters and brothers, Wendy continues to excel in all areas of the arts.

Wendy graduated from Bladensburg High school in 2002. Wendy is also a writer; she is currently working on a new story for her next big hit movie of 2013. She studied criminal justice and minored in psychology at Prince Georges Community College. Her hobbies include traveling, shopping, and spending time with her family and boyfriend.

Wendy is also the treasurer of HELPAC, Help the Poor African Charity Organization, a non-profit organization which was created by her mother, Mrs. Bangura, to help the poor in Sierra Leone and other African countries. Wendy Bangura is a go-getter and hard worker, who always puts God first in whatever
she is doing, and she’s ready to work!