Frederica Browne

Frederica Browne is an author, speaker, marriage mentor and a prayer intercessor.


She and her husband Reynold have been married for 28 years and they live in Maryland with their two adult children. Frederica Browne has an infectious love for life and family, a deep love for people and an extremely zealous love for God. Her passion is to see marriages thrive on the foundation of God’s Word. She recognizes the power of prayer in marriage and believes that a thriving marriage begins with both parties recognizing that God is the Head of the home.

Frederica's motivation is to help couples stay married by avoiding common mistakes associated with divorce. She is known for her practical and passionate application of God’s word. Her positive and upbeat messages resonate from her belief that ‘with God nothing is impossible’. Rallying a generation to embrace the facts, Frederica brings hope to singles, married, divorced and re-married.