F. A. Cole

F.A. Cole is a  Book Author, born on July 3, 1973 in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Cole has used her

childhood and young adult experiences to design a blueprint to defeat Female Genital Mutilation, Sexual abuse, and Oppression. Through unwavering faith, Cole has developed an art for increasing and empowering the lives of women and children.

From victim to Victor – F.A. Cole experienced life's tragedies at an early age and fought to overcome them. Her astonishing work, Distant Sunrise - The Strength in her Pain to Forgive, speaks to the pain and suffering of women who’ve experienced genital mutilation and survived physically, mentally, and spiritually. Her soon to be released book, The Children Who Never Were, is an exceptional short story that displays the everlasting spiritual connection of mother and child; and the power of God’s unconditional love for all mankind.

F.A. Cole has appeared at several forums and conducted interviews to continue her testimony. She has also been awarded (Women in History 2013) for her work by Northwest High School as she shared her story with students, encouraging them to live a life of purpose. 

As a poet, some of her work has been published by the National Dean’s List and she’s using her gift of “bringing words to life” as she calls it to encourage, uplift, and promote the gospel of Christ. While working to ensure that the world hears the silent cries of sexually abused children and women through her soon to be unveiled not-for-profit organization – F.A. Cole Foundation.

Cole is a member of a small but dynamic group of female authors, editors, publishers, and educators -- Women’s National Book Association (WNBA) – DC Chapter. 

Due to her love for children Cole is using her personal story to bring awareness to and help combat the abuse (sexual and physical) of children in her home country, Sierra Leone and she continues to be a trailblazer to a better tomorrow.

Cole’s writings and testimony will force you to look deeper spiritually, liberate your mind, and challenge you to be an advocate for change and elevation.

Cole is also a sponsor to a beautiful nine year old girl Halimatu through World Vision who lives in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone.

F.A. Cole shares her success with her college-aged son, Leyland, her biggest supporter.