Winstina Taylor

Winstina is a Sierra Leonean Actress and Award Winning Executive Producer of "Nurses From Hell".

Winstina is a goal getter. She attended Seaton Elementary in Washington DC where she was part of the drama club, sister to sister team helping girl’s become self-empowered. At Shaw Junior High school she received many presidential honorary, awards and was accepted in Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington DC but went to Duval high school in Maryland where she was part of the multicultural drama club before going on to Prince George’s community College to earn her Registered Nurse degree.

She recently earned her masters degree in Nursing Education at Walden University. Currently Tina is pursuing her Doctor of Nursing Degree (DNP).

She is the producer and lead actress of the movies, Scarlet and Nurses from hell and one of the supporting actresses of “Fatima agony of a home health Aide”. Currently Winstina has completed projects that are on the editing stage such as: Red Rose, Deceptions, Deep Within, Silent Retreat and A place In My Heart. Some of these movies are now distributed across Africa through the DStv Channel, UK nations. She has been featured in other movies such as “Not a Mirage”, Ekie’s story, All Things, Deep Within, Bride’s War x3, and a TV show called All my Father’s Children and American Mama and family. Tina’s drive is a force to reckon with, and she has proven that African movies can be done, and successfully so, in the USA, and helps crossover the racial and ethnic lines.

She has been nominated for several awards in the movie industry .The ambitious Tina is a busy on the go woman who has her sights set on expanding her business and operations, having launched a successful production company Prime International Productions in an effort to help upcoming actor’s to have a local production company to call home. Tina has successfully managed to balance family, work and play, with serious dedication to helping her Sierra Leone community via Immaculate Charities that engage in feeding the poor in Sierra Leone. Tina has taken a serious dedication to her Sierra Leone community in the US.

She is a member of Save Sierra Leone Foundation and USL Sister. Tina received “ Spring of Joy “the Gems of Africa” award 2014. She plans on doing educational tours to teach about health, communicable diseases, infectious diseases and hygiene to the rural people of Sierra Leone starting April 2014. Tina plans on going to Sierra Leone in 2014 to Premier the movie “Nurse from Hell”.